Cyril Peron-Dehghan is a guitarist as much as a screen music composer.

At the age of 15, he discovers the electric guitar and dives completely in this instrument which will accompany him until now. After a few years as a self-learner, he gets in the Conservatoire  of Aix-en-Provence in 2012 where he deepens his knowledge and capacities as a musician and a composer.

He makes his first steps in the professional musical world with Atef, a french singer, (The Voice France Season 1) by accompanying him on stage in France and Europe. At the same time he starts to work with Julien Pierson, french electro-folk singer, (American Idol France).
Then he meets Dimitri Reverchon (Founder of the band « Wock » from Sénégal) with whom he learns african music. Then he starts playing with the Kora player Yancouba Diebate from Sénégal, the guinean bass player Kourou Fia. He is also accompanying the South African singer Sibongile Mambo.
Nowadays he is the host of the monthly Jam Session « Pop-Jazz » in le JAM (Marseille) with the band « Free Suns ».
Recently he got in the band of the catalan Saxophone player, Don Billiez.

At the same time and during his guitar player career, he starts to compose for Screen Music. Motivated by his love for the Cinema and Film Music, he starts working on short movies, animation movies, corporate movies, web series…
In 2015 he participates to a Master Class with the composer Marc Marder, organized by the Festival International du Film d’Aubagne (FIFA).
In 2016 he does the program « 3ème personnage » at the Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur. During 2016 he does a one week training with the composer Jean-Louis Hennequin.
In 2017 he does « 3ème personnage » at the FIFA and also participate at the competition « The 48 hours Film Project » in the South of France.

His music is a crossover: a mix of pop, electro, classical, organic or synthetic, Cyril Peron-Dehghan tries to melt in different styles and genres in an eclectic music decidedly inviting to emotion and journey.



– Certification Apple Logic Pro X

– Festival International du Film d’Aubagne


– Recording of the 4th album of Don Billiez “Echoes of Magic Trip”

– Festival “Jazz Convergences” with Sibongile Mbambo ( opening act  of Piers Faccini )

– Recording of the first album of Free suns

– Festival “Les z’arts O soleil”, La Tour d’Aigues, with Don Billiez

– “48hour Film Project” with Objectif Grand Angle

– « 3ème personnage » Festival International du Film d’Aubagne

– Live Record with Atef at Recording Studio

–  Jam Session “Pop-Jazz” at JAM, Marseille, every month


– Training at APAXDESIGNS with Jean-Louis Hennequin in « Practical techniques for screen music composition »

– « 3ème personnage » at Festival du Film Francophone de Namur

– Festival “Jazz Convergences” with Kourou Fia 

Festival “Vins et Musique” at Assignan with Sibongile Mbambo


– Ciné-Concert at “La Balzac” (Paris)

– Master Class at “Festival International du Film d’Aubagne” withe the composer Marc Marder

– Festival of “Perthes en Gatinais” with Atef


Opening Act for “The Voice Tour 2”, with Atef

“AïoLive” France Bleue Provence avec Atef 


 Entrée au Conservatoire d’Aix-en-Provence

“Festival de Jazz de St Louis” du Sénégal avec le groupe Wato


Début de vie professionnelle sur la scène PACA

Concert à la “K’Bane à Boukan” avec Kalimat