You will find here all my work as a Guitar player: compositions, bands, covers etc …

The new EP – 14:47 – of my band BONGI is out! You can listen to it here and on every streaming platforms!

A track from the last album of Don Billiez (sax player of Alain Bashung, Paul Personne…) for wich I recorded guitars.

Another track from the last album of Don Billiez (sax player of Alain Bashung, Paul Personne…) for wich I recorded guitars.

Here is a cover of Tifa’s theme from the awesome game Final Fantasy VII. I arranged it for guitar.
Composed by the great Nobuo Uematsu, this tune always touched me and has always been one of my favourites.
But the whole Soundtrack is a huge inspiration for me! Go check it out!

Here is a cover of the track We Watch The Stars of the band Fink.

I created this arrangement of Message In A Bottle as an hommage for an artist who inspired me a lot: Sting. I play it here with the band “Free Suns”. Album available here: Bandcamp

-Duality- has been composed for the “Seven Notes Music Challenge” organized by Serj Tankian (System Of A Down) and Creative Armenia. The rule: seven precises notes are given to the composer to start the track. The rest was up to us. Here is my work. It got selected in the TOP 100!
TOP 100 “7 Notes Experiment”

A video I made for the casting organized by the YouTuber PV Nova who is creating the “Internet Orchestra” for a Tour in Summer 2019. Here is a medley of three of his songs: “Doucement”-“Les mots”-“Toutes les couleurs”.

Cover of Manu Eveno’s Solo on the track “Poussière d’étoile” as an hommage for this great Guitar player who inspired me so musch, without whom I wouldn’t do Music today.

Extracts from a concert of the great south african singer: Sibongile Mbambo. Discover this amazing artist with her first album, available here: Bandcamp

All the news on her Facebook Page

Free Suns is an instrumental band. Here is our version of “Skinny Love”-Bon Iver.
Album available on Bandcamp

Accompanying Atef (The Voice 1) on his cover of “Ben” – Michael Jackson
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One of my first composition, inspired by the band “Chinese Man”.

“My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama” Franck Zappa. Original Solo composed for a contest organized by the Tribute Band to Zappa : Zappy Birthday Mister Franck (ZBMF)

Extract from my DEM exam at the Conservatoire with this cover of “Drip” of  Tigran Hamasyan, this great artist that I particularly.

Here with the Poet Kalimat on stage with his track “Le Bar de Ma Vie”
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Mi first concert solo.

This great electro artist, Enkidü, proposed me to compose a solo for his beautiful track “Empowerment”.
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