Screen Music

Here, you will find my work as a Screen Music Composer: Film Music, Animation, Sound Design, Corporate Films…

Here is my Show Reel where you ‘ll find a selection of my work as a Film Music Composer.

Prize of the Public for the contest of film music composer of the festival Musique On Tourne! organized by Les Montreurs d’Images in Agen. You can watch it here:

This one was a new challenge. I tried and compose a music in the style of the Hollywood orchestral Film Music.

A french short movie created in 48 hours during the Kino Caen 2020. The concept was to create movies from scratch in only 3 days and I had the chance to work on 10 projects during this period. Check out this very nice story by Fred and Fred.

My latest work with Loris Pernaut. I did the music and the sound design.

A commercial I did for the brand Façonnable.

I created this composition on the beautiful animation movie: Wrapped.

This short movie was made during the Kino Caen 2020. It’s a very profound work making us reflect on the kind of society we’d want in the future.

Composition for the animation short-movie “Loin” by Alex Chocron.

The second video of Visual Poetry – Lucioles –
Music, Images, another form of Poetry…

The OST of the game – The Dreadful Show – in a crazy circus style! It was so interesting to create music in this unfamiliar style for me. A very fun experience! You can download the game here: The Dreadful Show

A Sound Design work for my first collaboration with Loris Pernaut for a short animation movie.

The concert-film we gave at the end of the Festival International du Film d’Aubagne after a Master Class with marc Marder.